Comfort 12m00

The 2 metre height in the cabin creates a light and comfortable cruising environment in the Windmill Line.
In our standard model we offer 2 VW TDI 265 HP-marine diesel engines with stern drives (Bravo 3 X), which can be operated with their proprietary DTS electric remote control system. This pairing of these power packages can be set to work independently. This makes close quarter maneuvering very easy and adds to the cruising comfort of the Windmill 12m00.

The entire deck is covered with a non-slip finish.

In the cabin, the walls and ceilings contain with insulating fire-resistant foam and finished in a durable PU finish. This final coating is available in various colors and can be chosen by the client.

The Windmill Comfort is also available in 10m00/14m00 and 16m00.

Easy maintenance
The Windmill is easy to maintain. The aluminum used in the construction of the boat is sea water resistant. The underwater part of hull is coated with UC2K HD, a transparent coating that is an alternative for antifouling. The aluminum parts above the waterline can optionally be treated with the UC2K HD-coating. This coating protects the aluminum against fouling under water and UV action above water. The UC2K HD also provides an extremely smooth surface, which a high pressure deck wash pump cleaning provides a quick and easy dirt removal.

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We use a special masking process when painting the exterior of the cabin which makes for easy repairs and touch ups without complicated paintwork.

Light Ship Construction

Hull is Recyclable

Stable & Easy to Operate

Excellent Value for money

Special design

Our special design combined with an optimized cutting plan and preserved parts created this special concept. The walls and ceilings in cabin can be covered with isolation foam and Pu coating. Optional we can complete the cabin outside with a UC2K HD – color system.