The ultimate cruising comfort all year long with our 4 x 4 of the seas: The ‘Windmill Line’

The Windmill Line with models from 10m00 – 16m00 is a special design from Dutch builder Alunautic whose work boats collection has been designed to provide all year round with fast, comfortable and easy performance sailing.

With this ‘ Rib ‘ you can navigate 365 days a year. The Windmill Line is designed for both inland waters and offshore seas. The Windmill owner is not limited to just a summer season

After disconnecting the shore power you are under way within 10-minutes. The Windmill Line is suitable for winter use thanks to a comfortable interior environment provided by a a diesel-heating unit.

Technical aspects

Design features maximum hull speeds of up to 50 knots are within reach of the Alunautic Windmill . A special design aspect in the hull provides quick planning performance constant speed. A deep V running for two-thirds of the keel create excellent maneuverability, even at low speeds. Easy and safe to drive, the hull is very forgiving. A wide variety of engines and drives are available to choose from .

There is a simple storage space below the deck and easy access via hatches in the , engine room,and fuel tank area.
The construction of the Windmill is based on a unique concept that Lloyds has approved. This is proof of a vessel that is well found and seaworthy is an optimal design. The boat has a CE design category B assessment.